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Hurd's Corners Road Civic Association
Corner of Hurd’s Corner Road and North Quaker Hill Road

“I want to see the Greenway protected. There is no need for more commercial development along Route 22 North of N Quaker Hill Rd. The Town of Pawling has an abundance of unoccupied commercial space already.”

A beautiful field near Hurd’s Corner

“Why I chose to sign is to protect the ground source drinking water and the beauty of the area.”

Flowers abound near Hurd’s Corner.

“For many reasons changing the zoning is a bad idea. It is not needed as many commercial parcels south of Pawling Village remain empty or undeveloped. The environmental damage caused by commercial development would be catastrophic. The vast majority of residents in the area oppose this rezoning.”

Hiller Brook is a trout breeding stream which runs through Hurd’s Corner.

“I believe that it is important to protect our most vital of natural resources, our drinking Water.”

Appalachian Trail stepover and the Hurd’s Corner water tower.

“I am pro small business. I would like to see the business spaces already available in commercially zoned areas filled before a residential area is rezoned. I don't want to see all of route 22 within the town of Pawling turn into a commercial strip for several reasons. Its rural nature, once lost, is gone forever. The residents who bought and built their homes there stand to have what is, in most cases, the largest investment of their lives devalued and the nature of their properties changed. There are sensitive environmental issues I fear may fall through the cracks, as often happens with development projects, despite all the promises. Until we can see a transparent accounting of the town's budget, how much tax revenue is brought in from businesses and residents and how it's being spent, I'm not convinced rezoning would benefit more than a handful of property owners.”

A tractor bringing hay to the livestock near Hurd’s Corner.

“The town of Pawling already has an expanding commercial strip south of the village on Rt 22. I see no reason that the area bordering Rt 22 north of the village needs to allow for more commercial development, especially given the Greenway there. To date this is a bucolic corridor that many Pawling citizens would like to preserve in hopes that Rt 22 doesn't become as built-up as Rt 7 south of New Milford or the Rt 9 corridor from Fishkill to Poughkeepsie. I think a line needs to be drawn--and enforced--here, and I endorse the efforts of the three local supporting organizations to protect this area from commercial development.”

Hiller Brook as it runs along side North Quaker Hill Road.

“Pawling is beautiful, let's keep it that way. I have many friends that live in that area. These are proud homeowners that worked hard to buy the American Dream, home ownership. They chose the area because of the beauty of the surroundings. Ask yourself this, why did the person that is trying to have their property re-zoned to commercial buy?”

The Hurd's Corner Civic Association is dedicated to providing a supportive community to encourage communication and education among individuals who live in the area around Hurd’s Corner Road. Hurd's Corners is a special critical environmental area with several ponds, streams, wetlands, the Appalachian Trail and Pawling Nature Reserve. There are also several historically significant homes in the area around Hurd’s Corner.

Greenway Commercial Zone Change Request AGAIN- AT Planning Board Meeting

Dear Concerned Citizens, Organizations and Stakeholders, 1/8/2020

In our effort to keep you informed, several concerned citizens attended the Town of Pawling Planning Board Meeting on Monday, January 6, 2020. At this meeting, Francis and Mary Schmitt and their legal counsel appeared before the Town of Pawling Planning Board to revive their proposal for subdividing their 19 acre lot at the corner of Route 22 and North Quaker Hill Road, and rezoning the 3 acres fronting on Route 22 from Residential to Highway Business in order to be able to build an auto paint and repair shop.

The Lawyer for the Schmitts indicated that he would send a letter to the Town Board regarding this proposal and their desire for changing the residential zone to a commercial zone. We expect to get a copy of this letter to further review it.

Over the last two years, Hurdís Corner Civic Association and the Protect Pawling Coalition of concerned citizens and organizations have provided public comments as well as numerous letters to our Town Board Members supporting the preservation of the Greenway located Route 22 North of the Village to the Dover line.

With the help of many we have collected nearly 400 signatures from Pawling residents who wish to preserve this scenic and residential area which contains The Appalachian Trail, Pawling Nature Reserve, Great Swamp and drinking water aquifer in the residential zone.

We will continue to take the time to carefully review any bids to spend tax payer money on planning a commercial zone. We have spent much time reviewing the comprehensive plan, zoning laws and the recommendations in these documents for preserving the Greenway.

Some of the best ways you can continue to help is to find new supporters by continuing your discussion with new friends and neighbors, encouraging them to join us by signing the petition at write letters to the Town Board members and coming out to a meeting when we need you. We hope in 2020 that the Town Board will provide a plan to protect Route 22 Greenway, as the majority of the community wants, now and for future generations. It is clear that preserving our rural community character, our Village Center, our water supply and our most sensitive environmental treasures is in the best interest of residents and wildlife that live there.

Your continued support will be critical to preserving the Greenway!

Thank you,
Mark Chipkin - President, Bob Reilly - Vice President
Hurd's Corner Civic Association

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or information.

Current proposal to place an auto body shop at the intersection of Route 22 and North Quaker Hill Road

Dear Concerned Citizens and Organizations, Protect Pawling Coalition and Hurd's Corner Civic Association Members,

Thank you for your petition support!!!!

Our Goals, Mission, Intention

What have the Protect Pawling Coalition and the Hurd's Corner Civic Association Members been doing over the summer?

We continue to have meetings and phone calls with environmental organizations in New York and Connecticut, some of which will become parties of interest in the SEQR process as a "Positive Declaration" is determined. The Full SEQR Environmental Assessment Form will be required since clearly one or more significant adverse environmental impacts will result from a zone change from residential to a commercial near the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (U.S. National Park Service)

How You Can Help!

Please Ask ONE more person to visit to sign the petition and bring our petition supporters number to over 400.

What is New?

THANK YOU AGAIN! All of this progress was made possible with the help of our nearly 400 "Save the Greenway" petition signers/supporters.

Mark Chipkin - President, Bob Reilly - Vice President
Hurd's Corner Civic Association

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or information.

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